Monday, August 31, 2009

Keep Telling Myself

I keep telling to myself that life ain't difficult, I keep on telling to myself that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. My pattern of life is kinda filled with surprises, despite of all the plans I make - well, it's a well damn plans we're talking about.

The beauty of life is that, not ALL of our plans go as we wish. Hah, now tell me about ma plans and how many of them came real.

I envied my friends who got a freelance prestigious job during our life in college (while I was actually enjoyed the most enjoyable part time job during those time for being a DJ at a radio station, No.1 radio station in town, cenah). I envied my friends who got the first jobs back there after graduation while I still had to go to the states studying (and actually I found my soulmate there plus got a scholarship!).

I terribly hated my job and very sad with the fact that I wasn't enjoying my work, but from there I connected with a dream company in which I work for until now.

How about these burdens that make me could not sleep at night, make me nervous when thinking about it, make my hair fall even more??.

No life without problems. Actually....problems arise to make people succeed. Beautiful people must thank ugly people, because without ugly people, we won't notice that there are beautiful people. Smart guy must be grateful with the existence of dumb ones, because how can people say that you are smart without creating a comparison to the 'less smart' ones?

I thank God Almighty for the plans that have not been going according to what I want, because it turns out to be something even greater! Well, just pray that for this one, the same or even better pattern will occurs...

I keep telling to myself that.... it will....

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