Friday, June 26, 2009

Dangerous zone

There are times that we don't know what's actually happening in our life, in a very particular moments, until someone or something tells us somehow.

I thank my colleague who sent an email blast (in which I usually deleted it without reading it first). The subject: I learn. So the email contained list of 'I learn', but one that stroke me most is: "I learned that it's not about the feeling comes to us that we can't control, but it's about what we're going to do about it " It's so true and logical, but it's much easier to say than done. Swearrrrr!!!!

I talked to my close friend about it. And finally we agreed on what we call "process concurrence".

If it's part of the process, then just let it flow. Because the more you deny it, the stronger the feeling will grow. Keep my finger crossed! (and enjoy this process...)

1 comment:

  1. yes, thats rite..
    just keep move on the process and do the best for everything we do..