Thursday, April 19, 2012

Duo Adorable: Clumsy and Smurfette

One thing that many people don't really know about me is that I'm a cat lova! I was once grown up with cats, from elementary school until after graduation. Cats were always surrounding my house and since my mom and sisters always fed them, they came back and finally stayed with us.

Having a cat is not easy. I think that's the reason why mom had this sincere attempt to get rid of them for several of times. Talking about my mom, she had a unique way, if not  acting like Cruella DeVille in 101 Dalmation, to dump our cats.

Mom had a belief that if we dump a cat, it could came back to our house again no matter how far. So she had this brilliant idea (perhaps got the tips from her friend next door), that to make the cats gone permanently, we couldn't allow it to see where we were going. The cats, according to this belief, were capable to trace down and memorize the ways back, that would help it going back to where it had lived.

OK, so my mom put the cats into 'karung' (big bag). and bring them to a new place through which to get there, she took so many turns to confuse the cats inside the karung. At a moment I really thought that my mom had a high regard towards the intelligence of these cats (above mine).

Anyway, when it occured, we were all crying, begging to our moms to keep the cats. One valid reason I knew later, was that my second sisters got a severe asthma. So it's fully understandable when mom did not really want a cat inside the house.

Nevertheless, not long after dumping 1-2 cats, a new one was then came. They would actually never came if not fed. That's the rules, and remains the same nowdays. But my sisters, and including my mom couldn't help but not feeding the coming cats. So it's recurring.

Here are my two adorable cats: Clumsy (boy) and Smurfette (girl). They are siblings, but then got married. Well, it's complicated. I can share the story later.

(written by Vera Makki. )

Clumsy and Smurfette, my children also love them!

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