Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Here I am. 11.59pm. Alone. Well, not actually alone. I have the pregnant lady Smurfette and Clumsy - two cats that accompany me after back from work. My husband and two Vs are sleeping very tight, really proud of him, a superdad of the day! Two of our assistants went home or 'mudik' today, while I had just now the first ever Iftar or break the fast with media and Mercedes-Benz Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, everything went well.

Despite of this is the second day of my period, in which as usual, I had a migraine, today is a very busy, good day, starting with dropping off Vgirl at school, followed by going to the factory for a meeting with all managers and deputy directors. Traffic was unfriendly back to the office - can you imagine it took 2hours from Cikeas to Thamrin.

Juggling time and multitasking were part of the day. So it's kind of in between for taking care of the event with the media and registering online for V's tae kwon do. See, I did learn my lesson. Cukup sekali saya terlambat mendaftarkan anak ke ekskul di sekolah empat tahun yang lalu. I'm getting better in meeting a deadline, I guess. Have to. Haha...

Me time for 2 hours is always nice. And I thank SET channel for its everyday Sex and the City (while the kids have already sleeping) and Warner TV for their silly programs I couldn't dare to watch while my kids are around. Oh by the way have you watched TV series 'The Real NY Housewives'? It's about drama around the NY socialites, yang menurut saya sadisnya gak ketulungan. Bukaaaannn, ini bukan soal pembunuhan macam CSI atau Criminal Minds. Ini lebih sadis, bercerita mengenai kehidupan jet set dan pertemanan palsu. Sangat duniawi dan pergulatan yang membawa ketidaktenangan dalam hidup (and yet I watch it when the schedule permits).

OK checklist time! Shower - done. Play with the cats - done. Kiss Vs goodnight - done. Checking two Vs  homework - done. Me time - done.

I have two hours to sleep before preparing for sahur and Vs meal box for school.

Catch you later!

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