Monday, August 04, 2014

The hardest time...

It's the hardest time in my life for the past 5 years. Yes, today I'll go back to the office after 3-months maternity leave while baby Viana is so adorable I just can't get my eyes off her.

Tomorrow she'll be 3 months old. People often asked, "Si bayi sudah bisa apa?". Definitely she smiles a lot, like her sister. She loves to cooing and baby talking. Her voice is quite loud and she has no hesitation to shout and makes different sounds. Her move is so active, especially when she's interested in to an object or hears someone calling her name. She'll start to kick and move her hand when it happens. So precious!

This picture was taken about an hour ago just before Subuh time. She was crying and when I put her on my lap for breastfeeding, she stopped crying, closed her eyes and smiled a lot. I was so touched and it made me even harder to leave.

Viana went back to sleep, now in her crib. And I'm writing this while pumping my breastmilk.

See you soon this afternoon Viana...

I love you ....

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