Monday, November 28, 2011

Get Up and Move!

It was a nice Monday morning with close friends from PR world. At first I thought to skip this get together since my workload was amazing. However I managed to come to the office early and actually had finished some stuffs in the car around 6ish AM.

Around 10AM we met up at Anomali Senopati for a 'press conference' by @mayangschreiber @dian_noeh, and @Rezasetiawan. It's also lovely to see @unspun, @LitaPS, and @Evamuchtar. Ogilvy alumni united! :)

With all those stories both personal and professional, what I can say is I'm happy for Mayang and Dian, wishing them all the best in 2012. Also for Chacha, although I'm confident that he actually can build his own company (and be successful), but he decided to wait for the right time. Good for you, too.

It's always super excited to build a new firm or initiative. The challenge remains how to keep the excitement alive. I'm a marathon believer, not a sprint one. For that, I admired Ong and mbak Lita for owning Maverick, and how they keep this company sexy all the time.

IPPG is one thing that needs to be alive so I tried to keep everyone enthusiastic, without being down due to a minor glitch. Tetap semangat!

On the picture: (left to right) Eva, Mayang, me, Dian. Well, the picture hanging on the wall was meant to be included. It reflected our conversation, to always dig in and explore new possibilities. (Uhuy! - karangan gue doang aja sih, haha).

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