Monday, November 28, 2011

Kids Fashion Week

I never thought that I would do a fashion show, last time I did it when I was at elementary school for graduation day. It's like around 25 years ago.

It began with an interview for Parenting November edition with @imeshimesh - the chief editor who featured me in 'Working Mom' section. She then offered the kids to join fashion show on Femina's annual event #JktKidsFashionShow, following the famous Jakarta Fashion Week. I thought it would be cancelled while it was not.

Vala definitely refused to do it as she'd prefer to perform hip hop and breakdance, stating that fashion show is 'too girly'. Halahhhh. Well, in order to earn her trust, I respect her decision, though. When I turned this offer to Varen, this 4 years old gentleman did not say anything, so I translated his clueless respond with "Yes mommy, let's do that".

On the d day, it's a beautiful coincidence that both Vala and Varen were on holiday due to teachers conference before mid term test. I brought them to Plaza Indonesia in the morning for rehearsal. It took place at Lamoda Cafe. The plan was set. Mommy and Varen will walk on the runaway, Vala to take pictures of our showtime.

The nightmare came into reality. All of sudden Varen refused to go to the stage. I must say, Varen has a strong personality, when he refused, that means he refused. Mommy got to think quick, so mommy shared the nightmare to .... the little innocent girl: Vala.

Having no time to convince 'dede' during rehearsal, then I hold Vala's hand to the stage, "Vala, come on, walk with me." While I smiled widely, Vala looked at me, "loh kok jadi aku mam?????".
I'm so lucky to have Vala who's showing her cooperative spirit. Plan changed. Mommy walking down the runaway with Vala, not Varen.

But the next question was, what to wear for Vala? The committee was only preparing clothes for mister V. Mister V was being persistence, until the rehearsal was over, he still refused to join.

I got down on my knees and hailed my mother for coming. Eyang Uti emang kagak ada matinye dah. I shared with her the problem, left her talking with Varen, and voila! "Ver, Varen udah mau tuh ikut fashion show. Aku janjiin beli kura-kura tiga.". Yiiipeeeeee!!!!! Yangti emang top markotop!!!

What relieved me was also Varen found a new friend, Arka, 5 years old, who shared the same high energy as his. Eventually the committee found a cloth for Vala. At least, if Varen changed his mind again, we had Vala on the show. Until..... "Bu Vera, you must decide who will walk with you on the runaway." I said, "Well, if not Varen, then Vala would".

She said, "Can not. Our multimedia team needs a confirmation. Can you guarantee that both of them will go with you? If yes, then you must guarantee that they will." O.. owwww..... Dengan PD nya gua bilang, "Guaranteed!". "Yakin bu?". "Yakin!".

The show was planned to start at 2pm. At 1.30PM all the kids must change their clothes. Here we go again the drama: Varen did not want to change the clothes, "I don't like the clothes.". Gubrak gubrak gubrak. All people surrounded him try to beg him, including Arka, "keren tau bajunya, ayo ganti!". Varen tetap geleng-geleng kepala. Eaaaaa .....

While he's acting up out there, Vala was hiding under the main table near the runaway, closing her eyes with both of her palm showing her dislike over something. I came over her, "ada apa sayang? kok sedih? Heyyy, you look beautiful with the clothes and hairdo!."

"I don't like the hairdo mommy!!!!". Aku ga suka dikuncir. Aku maunya dilepas. Aku ga suka pake rok, aku maunya kayak dede pake celana panjang. Aku kan mau jungkir balikkkkk." Aaahhh... chaos! hehehe..

With calm and confidence, I asked her to get out from under the table. Glad that the stylist would like to release her hair so I could bring back Vala's smile on her face.

The time was getting closer to the opening. Varen still did not want to wear the clothes. I was chewing my gum and here we go with a brilliant idea! I approached Varen and showing my chewing gum on my mouth. "Do you want this?". Varen looked at me with sparkling eyes, "Mauuuuu". "Ok, I'll give it to you after we walk together and after you change your clothes."

Yessss, it worked! The show went well. We walked holding hands and made some turns. In fact after the show, Varen did not want to change his trouser I almost bought it on spot. Varen got his chewing gum. They went home with eyang Ti and eyang Kung. I went back to the office.

I must thank @imeshimesh and mbak @tenikhartono for this rare occassion.

What an experience!

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