Monday, November 28, 2011

Growing Up

Yesterday I just realized that Vala is getting bigger. She's so beautiful with her longer hair and slim body. At the moment I was thinking she's a teenager, and hope by that time we shared beautiful moment together.

Some people say that we must talk a lot with our daughter before it's too late. I do believe in that. A mother should be a person who can be trusted at home. Trust itself is earned over a period of time- can't be asked instantly.Vala loves to share so many things and stories. Although sometimes I'm a bit bored with her story about this little Erico, her classmate. And I almost fell when she hated upon her teacher saying, "Vala kamu pacarnya Erico ya?". What the **** .

A teacher shouldn't said that to an 8 years old students. And Vala should've not playing too often with the same guy everyday. Sigh!

After talking about how funny Erico in the class almost everyday, I relieved that at one dinner Vala did not mention about him at all. She finished her meal, and left me and daddy on the table. Yeay!

Usually when kids finished their meals and started doing other things, it's a moment for me and my husband to have an adult conversation: office, plan, etc. Until Vala was back, laughed, and you know what she told us, "Mama mama, tadi siang Erico lucu deh...". Eh gubrak! Kirain udah ga diomongin lagi tuh anak, ha³....I felt like I was going to say, " Valaaaa... ga ada temenmu yg lain ya yang bisa diceritain? Bosen mama, ceritanya Erico terus!".

But again, I would never say that, otherwise, rather than stop talking about him, she will surely stop talking about him to me, and start talking about him to others. No way hose! You know what, that would be a start of losing your daughter's trust.

Like any other days, I gave my curious exciting face, "really, really? Oooh, he's so funny Vala!"
I would say I was not faking it, but trying to feel what she feel, called "showing emphaty."
Finally during a field trip, I met this little boy Erico. Yes, he was funny. I saw the two of them were giggling together. I saw it in front of my face that they were clicked.

Hey little boy, I'm watching you :D

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